Urgent Letter to Key Portsmouth Land Use Boards looking for signers

Jerry Zelin asked us to forward you this letter to the Planning Board and HDC looking for signers. If you are willing to sign it, email Jerry ASAP with your full name and place of residence at GZelin@dwmlaw.com  Here’s the letter:

“Dear members of the Portsmouth Planning Board and Historic District Commission,

We would like to support Harborcorp’s project.  Here is what would earn our support.

  1. A division of the proposed building into two or three separate structures, connected by pedestrian bridges if necessary.
  2. Variability in building height.
  3. Adequate parking for tenants, employees, supermarket customers, and conference center guests.
  4.  A restrictive covenant barring conversion of the supermarket, conference center, and hotel spaces into a casino, even if state law eventually permits casinos.

Thank you for considering these suggestions.


Your Name (xxx resident)


1 thought on “Urgent Letter to Key Portsmouth Land Use Boards looking for signers

  1. Catherine Jones

    I am willing to sign this letter, although I don’t think the HDC listens to Portsmouth residents.


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