Reacting to the financial scandal in the Police Department, a diverse, nonpartisan (real) grassroots group of concerned Portsmouth citizens came together Sunday to push for financial transparency  and disclosure across all city government and local campaign finance reform. Many participants described the rousing Market Square rally as a spontaneous, organic response to the crisis in the city.

rally market square w stamp out money sign

leftist marching band majorette at rally

All 16 Portsmouth City Council candidates were invited to the rally to promise to uphold the City Charter and push for local campaign finance reform. Of these, five City Council candidates (Esther Kennedy, Jim Splaine, Jack Thorsen, Rick Becksted and Duncan MacCallum and two Police Commission candidates (Joe Onosko and Joe Plaia), showed up.transparency dog at rally

Candidates who could not attend were asked to sign a promise to finally carry out the City Charter’s Conflict of Interest requirements for all city officials, fight for local campaign reform and keep big money out of local elections. Join the rally for open local government, city campaign finance reform & full financial disclosure. Only Josh Denton and Brad Lown signed.


Many residents want the financial window opened on all of Portsmouth City Government

Let's open the window and shine financial daylight on city government and on our local city elections

… and shine financial daylight on our local city elections

Amendment C of the City Charter (Portsmouth’s Constitution), requires “mandatory financial disclosure by all police, school, municipal officials, whether appointed or elected…” Shockingly, the City Council voted 5-4 last year against meaningful expansion of the city’s current limited disclosure to all city  officials, as the Charter requires. 

Organized by a growing nonpartisan collection of concerned citizens for open local government, including Julie Brillhart, Mark Brighton, Arthur Clough, Larry Cataldo, 133 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH 03801  & many, many others. Let make our voices heard.






  1. Roger Wood

    I would like to note that indepthnh.org is celebrating its second anniversary in operation. It is an investigative newssite, and we did extensive coverage of the very issue at Portsmouth now is discussing We will continue to follow this and other issues state wide. We are foundation institution and individual donor supported and not beholden to any money group.


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