Parents and Dog-owners to Portsmouth: Stop Dumping Carcinogens in Public Spaces, Ask Friends & Neighbors to Sign Change.Org petition at

Cancer-conscious parents and dog-lovers want the city to stop dumping carcinogens on its quaint brick sidewalks, public parks, historic cemeteries and green spaces just for the convenience of killing a few weeds and annoying critters. (The American Cancer Society says the worldwide cancer epidemic is growing. The state says Portsmouth is part of a pediatric cancer cluster. Unfortunately, the Big C is no stranger to many locals or their pooches. So to many, the risk vs. benefit equation makes no sense).

A Change.Org petition to Portsmouth’s Mayor and City Council asks elected officials to require the city to stop dumping carcinogens in public places. Their argument is that there is no good economic excuse for jeopardizing anyone’s health by deliberately using dangerous chemicals on public sidewalks and green spaces when when safe alternatives exist. Anyone wanting to help can ask friends and neighbors to sign the online Change.Org petition:


Many countries and US cities have banned potentially carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides– often called “cosmetic carcinogens” because their use for nonessential purposes is considered frivolous.  But in Portsmouth, children and dogs have been spotted reveling in the lush grass of Haven Park, where crystals from a recent city Rodeo application are still visible despite recent heavy rains. (Rodeo is a Roundup-related herbicide containing glyphosate, which many countries have banned due to its cancer-causing effects. The WHO deems it a potential carcinogen).

Here’s a recent opinion piece in the Portsmouth Herald:

And a piece on a French national pesticide ban in the works:

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