Harborcorp Height Exception Before Planning Board Thurs

The Planning Board (April 16, 7 pm) will weigh in on whether the HDC should grant Harborcorp a special “Conditional Use Permit” to grow to 60 feet. Harborcorp is already 50% bigger than Portwalk III in a part of town many fret is headed for canyonization, traffic gridlock and parking trouble.

Here’s one critic’s take on why it’s fair to say no: Why the Planning Board should deny Harborcorp CUP Application (1) April 13 2015  And here’s his take on the megabuilding’s proportions: Why Harborcorp is too big etc vs other buildings

If you worry about the way Portsmouth is growing, you can email the Planning Board via jmshouse@cityofportsmouth.com and/or show up and speak. When the HDC gets the case, you can email it via llgood@cityofportsmouth.com. If the Portsmouth city administration, our elected officials and our mayor-nominated land use boards let it happen, here’s what it will look like: http://arcg.is/1HJ2NBU

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